Leadership & Talent Development Programs

We assist leaders to develop their personal, interpersonal, team and system capabilities and use multiple modes of learning, resulting in high engagement and results.

Our programs are custom-designed to suit each client’s context. They deepen capability to deliver the organisation’s 3-5 year business strategy and beyond.  

We incorporate all three components of the 70/20/10 model of leadership development:

  • 10%: formal leadership program
  • 20%: structured peer coaching, consultation and other peer experiential work
  • 70%: on-the-job action learning projects working simultaneously on live, high-value organisational objectives and personal leadership challenges.

We work with you through a rigorous four-stage process (discovery, design, delivery and debrief) to ensure interventions are purposeful, relevant and applied...and we adjust and hone them in real time.

Recognising that transformative change happens over time, our programs are usually longitudinal, consisting of 2-5 modules run over 3-9 months.  While the specific content of each program varies, the modules offer high-impact experiential learning in individual leadership, complex adaptive systems, and team effectiveness.